Seroquel 100 Pill

In bipolar depression tests, somnolence was reported in 57 %( 398/698) of clients on Seroquel compared with 15 %(51/347)of placebo individuals.

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In therapy for schizophrenia (as much as 6 weeks), one of the most commonly noted unfavorable reactions linked with using quetiapine in teenagers (occurrence of 5 % or better as well as quetiapine incidence a minimum of two times that for inactive medicine) were somnolence (34 %), unsteadiness (12 %), completely dry mouth (7 %), tachycardia (7 %).

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drowsiness and also tachycardia, sedation as well as hypotension.

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Often, there is no should bother with such moderate adverse effects of Seroquel as sore neck, sleepiness, dry mouth, stomach discomfort, puking, tired feeling, irregularity, improved appetite, indigestion, bust swelling, lightheadedness or nausea, since generally they obtain much better by themselves.